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Photo Below:

Al Hamra Residential Tower Amazing Penthouse facing the Mediterranean Sea.
Maarad Street, Beirut (Lebanon)

Like Many Other Fine Projects, the Construction of Al Hamra Commercial and Residential Towers
Will Be Fully Financed By The British Petro International.


Al Hamra Commercial and Residential Towers Construction Project
The Entire Project Will Be Fully Financed By The British Petro International


Financing Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Real Estate Developments

The British Petro's international teams of experienced professionals cover the breadth and width of the world, delivering a committed service to real estate businesses like yours.

The British Petro's Real Estate Finance Division provides construction, permanent and interim financing for all investment property types and all dollar amounts.

Our Real Estate Finance Division can accommodate financing from US$5 million up to NO LIMIT.

We also provide financing for owner occupied properties when companies are looking to expand or acquire a plant and facilities.

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As a steady provider of matchless financing programs for the global real estate industry for over 200 years, the British Petro's Commercial Real Estate Finance Division brings a wealth of experience to financing existing properties, construction, development, and community redevelopment projects.

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The British Petro's Residential Real Estate Finance Division is expert in securing apartment building loans.

Sometimes referred to as multifamily loans, these types of loans have traditionally constituted the largest portion of our total real estate business volume.

Whether you are looking to finance a large apartment building, a complex with hundreds of units, or a co-operative looking for an underlying mortgage, we can help you find the unique financing program to meet your individual needs.

As one of our Real Estate Finance Division's valued clients, you can take advantage of:

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 ••• Demonstrated expertise in all areas of the real estate sector;
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Types of Financing and Interest Rates:

 ••• Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Real Estate Developments, and Construction Projects;
 ••• Lines of Credit and Bank Guarantees;
 ••• Our fixed-rate loans are only ¼% above LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) for permanent financing of projects.
 ••• Our variable-rate financing is only ½% above the European Central Bank preferential interest rate.


Profit From Our Unmatched Financing Programs and GUARANTEED LOWEST INTEREST RATES

We offer Multi-Unit Home Builders and Commercial Real Estate Developers our unmatched financing programs, guaranteed lowest interest rates, unsurpassed capabilities, and unlimited resources - helping them to create competitive advantages.


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  •• NO hidden application, processing, or disbursement fees;
  •• NO principle payments due until project is completed;
  •• NO ownership or equity ownership by lenders;
  •• Interest-only basis during the developmental phase of your project;
  •• British Petro International can accommodate large funding projects of any dollar value;
  •• Single source financing;
  •• Flexible payment terms;
  •• Up to 100% Financing;
  •• Financing From US$5 million up to NO LIMIT.


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Financing World's Major Commercial Property Construction, Residential, Commercial & Industrial Real-Estate Development, Hotel & Lodging, Manufactured Housing, Multifamily Homes Construction, Office Building, Shopping Centers, and Department Store Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT -- Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

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Another Mega Construction Project Being Financed By:
British Petro International


Al Hamra Residential and Commercial Complex
Beirut Lebanon

Al Hamra Triple Tower Complex
Construction Project

Following the release of €1,277,000,000.00 (Initial) financing under review by the British Petro International, the construction of Al Hamra Triple Tower Residential and Commercial Complex will start at the prestigious Maarad Street, Beirut (Lebanon).

The Residential Towers

Two residential towers, ideally located in this distinct district of Beirut, will occupy a land area of 60,000 sq ft, housing 1,654 luxury apartments, including one, two, three and four bedroom apartments in addition to penthouse apartments overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Unabashedly modern, the Al Hamra Residential Towers will soar skyward above Beirut and sea at the edge of the Mediterranean.

From stylish comforts to the see-and-be-seen rooftop terrace, the residents will swim high in the sky or celebrate till sunrise.

The Commercial Tower

The construction of the Al Hamra Commercial Tower will be one of the most prestigious pieces of achievement in the Middle-East.

The design team will include an international concept architect, who will provide the facade concept, and the local architects who will supply the shell and core, structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) consultancy.

An interior designer will be also on board to conceptualize the design of the fit-out works for the reception levels, and all will be executed by world-renowned structural German engineer firm Baumann & Heidel off.

Financing Granted By:
The British Petro International

€1,277,000,000.00 (Initial)

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