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Another Mega Construction & Hospitality Project Being Financed By:
British Petro Capital

Proposed "Riverside Luxury Filled Hotel, Commercial & Residential Towers" Project
Pudong, Shanghai, People's Republic of China

About Pudong

Pudong is the prime area of Shanghai, China, located along the east side of the Huangpu River, across from the historic city center of Shanghai in Puxi. Formerly a little-developed agricultural area linked only by ferries, Pudong has grown rapidly since the 1990s and emerged as China's financial and commercial hub.

About Riverside Hotel, Residential and Commercial Towers

Pudong will be the future home to the Riverside Towers - Close to Stock Exchange and many of Shanghai's best-known buildings, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao Building, and the Shanghai World Financial Towers.

Riverside Towers' modern skyscrapers will face directly across from Puxi's historic Bund and the remnant of Shanghai's former concessions.
Welcome to China!

British Petro To Finance One of the Largest Asia's Construction Project

The Funding

Following the release of €2,745,000,000.00 (Initial) financing granted by British Petro, Riverside Towers will serve as the bellwether in the drive to further open up mega developments along the Huangpu River, to build Shanghai into one of the world economic, financial and trade center, and to bring a new leap in the economy of the Huangpu River Delta.

towers_56.jpg The Towers

Riverside Towers will contain 70 floors of office space, 1,700 residential apartments with a world-class shopping destination at the base, and a luxury filled hotel tower.

In the heart of the Shanghai financial district, the development will set a new benchmark for sustainable urban communities in Pudong. In creating of a 24-hour living, walkable community where people can work, play and live in one destination, Riverside Towers will redefine the pulse of the city, providing premium residences and offices, international retail and the highest quality dining, entertainment and leisure facilities.

The Residential Tower

The Residential Tower's facilities will include state of the art swimming pools and plunge pool located on a large private sunbathing deck overlooking the full length of Huangpu River.

Inside there will be a large sauna and steam room with residents private changing facilities located on the same pool level.

Most convenience and retail outlets will be reached by a short 3-minute walk from the main lobby. Residents will also enjoy the large private gymnasium, which will overlook the main pool deck. Owners of Residential Tower's apartments will benefit from private underground parking.

lotus_u78.jpg The Lotus Hotel Tower

The ultra-luxury 5-star hotel tower will contain the most extravagant rooms & suites in the world. The building will also feature a 6-storey crown that will contain a Turkish bath, sky garden, and other club facilities.

Rooms and suite will offer 600 - 1,600-square-feet of spellbinding space in an oval shape. Large windows will make for excellent views.

Additional amenities will include an open floor plan combining the living, dining and sleeping area; a separate foyer; his bath with steam shower, hers with soaking whirlpool tub; deluxe spa products; plush robes and slippers; separate illuminated makeup/shaving mirrors; and nightly turn down service.

cherry_blossom_uy.jpg The Cherry Blossom Shopping Center

The Residential Tower will offer the best of the big malls right in the heart of the Shanghai - it will be a modern shopping and lifestyle destination for residents and visitors of the Pudong community.

With more than 652 outlets and a gross leasable area of 600,000 sq ft spread across six levels, The Cherry Blossom Shopping Center will feature a retail mix of high street fashion brands, inspirational boutique fashion, al fresco waterfront dining, a supermarket and excellent entertainments. The 5-star Hotel Tower will be directly linked to the Cherry Blossom Shopping Center.

Jobs for China

The project is budgeted to cost 2,7 billion Euros. At the peak of the development, there will be up to 9,800 people working on this project.

Fully Financed By
The British Petro
€2,745,000,000.00 (Initial)

About Us

British Petro is a world-class business. We have a diverse range of products, customers and markets, outstanding management depth and an enviable portfolio of growth opportunities.

British Petro is the world leader in global financing and financial services also one of the strongest financial institutions in the world.

Present across the five continents through all its business lines, British Petro Capital Group has three hundred global retail markets in over 150 countries and territories.

The British Petro Capital Group's more than 5,000 affiliated brokers have the largest international network operations with over 204,600 employees and almost 1,000,000 clients.

What We Do

Every day, employees at British Petro's Real-Estate Projects Finance Divisions are committed to the pursuit of operational excellence.

British Petro's Real-Estate Projects Finance Division specializes in tailoring financing products and services for Real-Estate development projects and equipment.

The Division offerings include equity investments and secured loans; syndication and distribution of such investments and loans; and financial advisory services.

Typical credit transactions and investments range in size from US$5 million to US$500 million and the mega-projects may require capital in excess of US$10 billion.

Our dedicated client teams serve the needs of the growing companies with annual revenue over $3 million, middle-market and large corporations, institutional investors, financial institutions and government entities worldwide.

We've been committed to our markets since 1885 and we know our markets intimately. We celebrated our 160 years presence in more than 150 countries and territories. In many markets, we are the first financial institution and have the longest operating history.

With a presence in every major financial center, We are proud to be consistently ranked the top company by market capitalization.

By combining our global capabilities with deep local knowledge, we develop innovative products and services to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of the individual, corporate and institutional customers in some of the world's most exciting and dynamic markets.

British Petro has a network of over 5,000 affiliated brokers' regional offices and outlets in more than 175 countries and territories across the globe, making us the world's local financial institution.

Why talk to us?

British Petro offers innovative products and services to meet the needs of Private, Premium, Small & Medium Enterprises and Personal customers through financing, wealth management, asset-based lending and transactional services.

A customer-focused approach enables a deeper understanding of our customers' evolving needs.

 ••• Our teams have extensive industry expertise, bringing together complementary skills to Real-Estate Projects Finance and Advisory;
 ••• British Petro's Real-Estate Projects Finance Division presence in the Asia Pacific, South America, Asia & Africa and emerging markets globally enables us to coordinate and execute our clients' financing and banking requirements within and across continents;
 ••• Our presence in all major developing areas and emerging markets enables us to carry out in-depth analyses of commodity trends and stay abreast of all the latest developments in the industry;
 ••• We establish strong relationships with our clients, to deliver customized solutions through a fully understanding of each client's individual requirements;
 ••• Our highly regarded commodity and currency trading desks offer 24-hour trading capabilities and provide price-risk management and hedging strategies;
 ••• Relationship managers function as each client's dedicated financial partner, managing and coordinating financing and venture capital requirements across all products within British Petro's Global Financing Divisions;

 ••• British Petro's Global Financing Divisions are playing a leading role in arranging facilities for many of the most significant Real-Estate Related projects currently underway in Asia Pacific, India, China, Africa, Latin America and other key emerging markets.

British Petro's Real-Estate Projects Finance Division is also an important lender to the buildings and land development industry worldwide on both a corporate and project level, with approximately US$634,9 billion of authorized credit outstanding.


  •• Highlights
  • NO accrued interest until project is completed;
  • NO principle payments due until project is completed;
  • NO ownership or equity ownership by lenders;
  • NO hidden application, processing, or disbursement fees;
  • British Petro International can accommodate large funding projects of any dollar value;
  • Single source financing;
  • Flexible payment terms;
  • Up to 100% Financing;
  • Financing From US$5 million up to NO LIMIT.


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Our Power

The British Petro International combines the power of science and technology with the Human Element to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress.

The Company connects chemistry and innovation with the principles of sustainability to help address many of the world's most challenging problems such as the need for clean water, renewable energy generation and conservation, and increasing agricultural productivity.

British Petro's diversified industry-leading portfolio of specialty chemical, advanced materials, agro sciences and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 160 countries and in high growth sectors such as electronics, water, energy, coating and agriculture.

Real Estate Related Projects Finance

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And Attractive Terms

Another Mega Construction & Hospitality Project Financed
By: British Petro


Riverside Hotel, Commercial & Residential Towers Project
Pudong, Shanghai, People's Republic of China

A Touch of Class

Upon receipt of €2,745,000,000.00 (Initial) funding approved by British Petro, the construction of Riverside Towers will start and will comprise of three towers: A Luxury Filled Hotel Tower, The Central Plaza Tower, and The Residential Tower.


Emperor Suites at Luxury Filled Riverside Hotel

Emperor Suites will offer the largest, most luxurious and impressive accommodations, the highest levels of elegance, sophistication, luxury and Riverside Hotel service.

Guests staying at Emperor Suites are also privy to exclusive Orchid Club privileges including but not limited to complimentary buffet breakfast and evening cocktails and wines.

Emperor Suites Amenities:

 ••• Floor-to-ceiling bay windows with panoramic views of Huangpu River;
 ••• Luxury one and two-bedroom suites with separate sitting room and dining area;
 ••• Guests will receive access to the exclusive Orchid Club Lounge with its full range of privileges;
 ••• Bathrooms appointed in Italian marble and will feature wall-mounted LCD television and Jacuzzi;

 ••• Each room will offer 600 to 1,600-square-feet of ultra-luxury accommodation.

Fully Financed By:
British Petro €2,745,000,000.00 (Initial)


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