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 ••• With Our Unique And Customer-Focused Vision, At The United OPEC Banks "We Reinvent Global Financial Services!"

Being the Global Financial Powerhouse is NOT Our Only Mission, It is a Tradition of "Offering The Best Financing Programs Ever, With No Boundaries"

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 ••• Unrivalled Breadth & Depth of Knowledge Across an Impressive Range of Industries;

 ••• And Most Importantly, Our Traditional Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rate, To Help You To Tackle Your Toughest Business Challenges and Embrace its Greatest Opportunities.

To Define What it Means:

transport & logistics company  ••• We Combined Our Financial Strength and Our Unmatched Financing Programs (Offered in More Than 150 Countries and Territories;)

 ••• Enhanced Them By Our Legendary Guaranteed Lowest Interest Rates;

 ••• And, Value Added By Two Centuries of Unbroken Commitment of Providing Innovative Financing Programs to the Global Export, Import, and Trade Industry.

"Need Financing for Your Export, Import, a Bank Guarantee, Shipyard, Ship Manufacturing Company, a Logistics or a Transportation Project? We Have All You May Need - From Start to Finish"

Building What Matters - At the United OPEC Banks we work as a builder, not just a global financial powerhouse, and we pride ourselves on delivering capital that meets the world's major import and export, transport & logistics companies' financial needs. (both public and private sector enterprises)

In addition to our unlimited resources, we offer expertise for essential and our long-lived & capital-intensive power to the global export and import industry as two of the United OPEC Banks' core businesses.

Drawing on United OPEC Banks' commitment to do whatever it takes to deliver capital for your export or import project, offering you the best financial solutions across all global markets, ready to provide you a full suite of innovative financing programs... Highlighted by our matchless record for performance, the unsurpassed knowledge across all areas of the of importing and exporting goods worldwide (including transporting goods internationally by road, sea, air and rail - information on imports, exports, customs, regulations and freight management), broad and unparalleled global reach, financial strength, and risk management.

For all these reasons, we can see the values in your export or import project where others don't, and meet your project's most challenging strategic and financial objectives with our traditional GUARANTEED LOWEST INTEREST RATES and unmatched financing programs.

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Global Offices in More Than 170 Countries and Territories

Photo Below:

The new automated Trans Asia Shipping Company's container terminal.
Redondo Peninsula, Zambales Province, Central Luzon, Philippines.

Multiple automation container terminals operate and more are in development, presenting a grand-scale motion control opportunity.

Like Many Other Fine Projects, the Expansion of Trans Asia Shipping Company Limited
Will Be Fully Financed By The United OPEC Banks International.


Trans Asia Shipping Company Limited -- Expansion Project
Entire Project Will be Fully Financed By The United OPEC Banks International


International Trade Finance

Uncertainties in many of the traditional markets, volatile interest rates and commodity prices coupled with reduced interest in trade financing from many banks have meant that importers, exporters, and traders require a more sophisticated and dedicated service to assist them in finding solutions to their trade finance problems.

United OPEC Banks Trade Finance team combines its experience, geographical strengths, and an innovative approach in order to deliver solutions to these problems.

Export Finance

Export Bills for Collection

Description: An arrangement under which United OPEC Banks Trade Finance acts as an agent to collect payments from the buyer on behalf of the seller.


  •• A simple, efficient and expedient means to settle and track your trade receivables, with a follow-up of payment by us. Safeguard the exporter's title to the goods until payment is made by the importer;
  •• Low service cost.

Export Bills Negotiation/Purchase

Description: United OPEC Banks Trade Finance provides immediate credit to exporters for their export documents under a negotiable letter of credit while awaiting the issuing bank's reimbursement


  •• Timely payment for all exports, thereby improving cash flows;
  •• Transfer the cross-border and commercial risk to United OPEC Banks Trade Finance if the letter of credit is confirmed;
  •• Our extensive global and local network allows us to follow the exporter wherever you choose to conduct business.

Export Letter of Credit Advising

Description: A letter of credit provides international traders with a secure payment vehicle, mitigating risks associated with exporting to a new trading partner.


  •• The letter of credit will be advised within 24-hours;
  •• Our extensive global and local network ensures that customers are supported, wherever they wish to conduct their trade;
  •• Confirmation may be added to the letter of credit if requested, subject to approval on a case-by-case basis. Consultants are available for documents preparation.

Import Finance

  •• Import Letters of Credit establishment;
  •• Inward Documentary collections processed promptly;
  •• Payments to overseas suppliers in United States dollars or foreign currencies;
  •• Post-shipment finance for up to 180 days in United States dollars or foreign currencies;
  •• Prepaid letters of credit - for one-off requirements.


  ••• Highlights


  •• NO accrued interest until project is completed;
  •• NO hidden application, processing, or disbursement fees;
  •• NO principle payments due until project is completed;
  •• NO ownership or equity ownership by lenders;
  •• Interest-only basis during the developmental phase of your project;
  •• United OPEC Banks can accommodate large funding projects of any dollar value;
  •• Single source financing;
  •• Flexible payment terms;
  •• Up to 100% Financing;
  •• Financing From US$5 million up to NO LIMIT.


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Shipyards and Shipping Companies Projects Finance

Financing World's Largest Shipyards, Ocean-Liners, Cruise Ships, Cargo Ships, Container Ships, Airlines, Oil Tankers, Ship Manufacturing Companies, Harbors, Export, Import, Bank Guarantees, and Standby Letters of Credit from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

And Attractive Terms.

Another Mega Shipping Project Being Financed By:
The United OPEC Banks


Trans Asia Shipping Company Limited
Redondo Peninsula, Zambales Province, Central Luzon, Philippines

Trans Asia Shipping Company Limited
Expansion Projects

Following the release of €3,108,000,000.00 (Initial) financing under review by the United OPEC Banks, the Trans Asia Shipping Company Limited will expand and will operate about 500 major ocean vessels, as well as fleets of planes, trains, and trucks.

The company's shipping fleet will include around 68 container-ships, 200 bulk carriers, 56 wood-chip carriers, 97 car carriers, 16 reefer carriers, 100 tankers, 25 LNG carriers, and seven cruise ships.

The Trans Asia Shipping Company Limited's revenue will jump to $9.7 billion and will employ over 30,000 people in the Philippines and worldwide.

The company will have more than 386 offices in 112 countries and territories, warehouses on every continent, and harbor operations in Asia, Americas, Africa and Europe.

The new Trans Asia Shipping Company Limited will be headquartered in Manila, (Philippines) and will operate out of over 386 offices and agencies in more than 112 countries and territories.

With regular services on over 500 shipping lines, the Group will manage a dense network capable of meeting the expectations of its customers all over the world.

It will be also one of the first global shipping operators to have control over the whole logistics chain offering a door-to-door service that will integrate both inland waterway transport and railways, as well as port handling facilities and logistics on land.

Financing Granted By:
The United OPEC Banks

€3,108,000,000.00 (Initial)

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Our Power

Powered by more than 100,000 investors/partners, such as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) investment managers, Hedge Funds investment managers, Fortune 1000 Companies, world's AAA rated Insurance Companies and world's top 1000 Banks and more than US$10 trillion in combined assets it's not surprising that United OPEC Banks has grown into the world's leading lender for business and commercial projects.

These relationships, enable United OPEC Banks to handle the loan requests from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT enhanced by our traditional GUARANTEED LOWEST INTEREST RATES and plenty of options for flexible loan structures.

Missions and Operations

An exposition on the missions and operations of United OPEC Banks is beyond the scope of this web-site.

However, a discussion of international project financing would not be complete without some mention of the missions of United OPEC Banks and its more than 5,000 affiliated brokers in over 150 countries and territories, together known as the United OPEC Banks International.

Higher Standards

Our resources, investing experience and culture put us in a unique position to help our clients. We are small enough to be responsive, innovative and flexible, yet we have access to the extensive resources of the world's most respected lending institutions.

You and Us

"You and us. Could this be the world's most powerful two person's financial firm?" The theme of the global brand campaign highlights United OPEC Banks client-focused approach, creating customized financial solutions based on our global resources and capabilities.
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