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Oil Preparation and Transfer Station Control Room (Tengiz Oil & Gas Exploration Company)
Tengiz Oil & Gas Exploration Company's Expansion Project - Fully Financed by: United OPEC Banks


Why We Invest Kazakhstan's Energy Market
Will Kazakhstan lead an oil boom in Asia?

A consortium in Kazakhstan led by United OPEC Banks, said it set a production record in the country's western Tengiz oil field and last week, China said it was piping in more oil from Kazakhstan than ever before. Even with its giant Kashagan field down, the prospects look up for the Central Asian country.

Tengizchevroil, a joint venture between Chevron, Exxon Mobil, state-owned KazMunayGas and Russia's LukArco, said production from the onshore Tengiz oil field in western Kazakhstan increased nearly 12 percent from last year levels to an annual 500 million barrels last year.

Oil & Gas Finance Pioneering Role; Ongoing Success

The oil & gas sector plays a vital part in the world economy and has been a cornerstone of its development over the past 100 plus years.

United OPEC Banks has been actively involved in the sector since the development of some of the earliest Caspian Sea fields in the early 1950's.

Our unparalleled track record of delivering tailored financing solutions to our clients is made possible by our team of industry professionals, including reservoir engineers, and experienced bankers.

We are also one of the few players to have maintained a constant presence in the sector through all economic cycles, helping secure our reputation as the leading provider of financing to oil & gas companies.


  • NO accrued interest until project is completed
  • NO principle payments due until project is completed
  • NO ownership / equity ownership by lenders
  • NO hidden application, processing, or disbursement fees
  • United OPEC Banks can accommodate large funding projects of any dollar value
  • Single source financing
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • Financing From US$5 million up to NO LIMIT


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Oil, Gas, Coal and Energy Related Projects Finance

To Avoid Global Energy Shortage Financing World's Major Oil & Gas Exploration, Super Tankers, Refineries, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Offshore Drilling, Pipelines, Petroleum Transportation and Energy Related Projects from US$5,000,000 up to NO LIMIT Always Enhanced by our Traditional:

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Another Mega Energy Related Project Being Financed By:
United OPEC Banks


Tengiz Oil & Gas Exploration Company Expansion Project
Tengiz Oil Fields, Northwestern Kazakhstan

Financing Tengiz Oil & Gas Exploration's Expansion Project

Following the release of financing granted by United OPEC Banks, Tengiz Oil & Gas Exploration Company will expand and start drilling in the super giant field of Tengiz oilfield in Atyrau region.

Tengiz Oil & Gas Exploration Company's new properties' proven and probable hydrocarbon reserves are estimated at 100.7 billion tons of fuel equivalent worth US$880 billion.

The estimates covers 93 per cent of gas, 86 per cent of condensate and 90 per cent of oil reserves.

Tengiz Oil & Gas Hydrocarbon resources development beyond Kazakhstan

According to the existing contract obligations Tengiz Oil & Gas Exploration Company's will continue with implementation of the ongoing projects abroad, including Vietnam, India, Libya, Algeria as well as the countries of Central Asia, namely, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The amount of funds to be invested in the geological exploration projects abroad will total US$41 billion.

Fully Financed By: United OPEC Banks

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